I'm experiencing technical problems. What should I do?

No matter if you can't log in, send a message or have video call issues, there is the initial troubleshooting you can do to quckly check if there is something going on with your browser or computer:

1. Refresh the page.
2. Log out and in again.
3. Restart your computer.
4. Try using a different internet browser. You might have to download an alternative if you only have one installed browser.
5. In your current browser try incognito (private) mode.
6. Clear all cached data, which you can do in your internet browser settings.
7. On your computer check for malware, viruses, and spyware.
8. If all these don't work you can also try returning your internet browser to the default settings or ultimately, reinstalling your internet browser.

Tried all of the tips above and the issue still persist? Or do you have a specific technical question? Then please create a 'Technical Support' ticket for our developers here. One of our developers will be in contact with you asap.