How do I improve my visibility on It’s Complicated?

In this article, we’ll explore some of the key factors that contribute to your profile's visibility in the It’s Complicated directory and provide you with some tips for improving your visibility on our platform.


How is my visibility in the It’s Complicated directory determined?

When determining your visibility in the therapist search directory we consider how recently you've started your subscription, as well as your financial contribution to the platform and our sustainability:

  • We know that it takes time to build your practice, this is why we provide extra exposure to new subscribing members so that they can build their practice quickly after joining the platform

  • We recognise and prioritise the visibility of therapists with a higher financial contribution to the platform, and seek to provide flexibility in how members choose to contribute

Right now your financial contribution consists of the paid invoicing volume you generate using the It's Complicated invoicing tool as well as your paid subscription membership fees. Therapists can choose to subscribe to the It's Complicated Premium plan and increase their visibility this way, or subscribe to the Essential plan and receive up to the same level of visibility as Premium members by using our invoicing tool. For more background on setting up your It’s Complicated invoicing account, please refer to our invoice FAQ here.

We're constantly working to improve our ranking model in order to offer the fairest experience to our clients and therapist community while at the same time ensuring our sustainability. This is an iterative process and your ranking on It's Complicated may change as our algorithm develops.


How do I improve my profile’s visibility?

Below are our top tips for optimising your profile for referrals:

 1. Subscribe to our Premium plan or use It's Complicated Invoicing
We consider a member's absolute financial contribution to the platform when determining visibility. Members can contribute more either by choosing the Premium plan or by choosing the Essential plan and using our invoicing tool when billing their clients.


2. Ensure your profile is completed
Clients use our directory’s filters as well as search functionality to help narrow down their search for a prospective therapist. In order to return clients a filtered list, we use relevant information provided on profiles that matches the client search query.


3. Add your calendar availability
After a prospective client has reviewed your profile and is now interested in taking the conversation further, make sure to make this process as smooth as possible for them by showing your availability upfront and reducing any friction in finding a suitable timeslot.


4. Invoice using It’s Complicated ‘Prepay’ functionality
You can choose ‘prepay’ as an invoicing option when you want your clients to pay for a session in advance. This is useful for securing payment for no-show sessions or sessions that have been cancelled last minute. Watch a step-by-step tutorial on how to send out a prepay invoice here.