How do I book a session with a client?

Watch a step-by-step tutorial on how to schedule an appointment with a client here.

You can schedule a session with a client directly in your messages. Go to a conversation with a client you want to book a session with, then click on the calendar icon on the left side next to the message text box. Select the date and hour of a session and write a duration of a session. On the right side, you can see if you have any other appointments on that date to avoid double bookings. 

In the next step, select if the session will be held online or in person, and if you would like the client to pay for a session in advance ("Prepay" option) or if you will send them an invoice later. If you have chosen a “prepay” option, write your fee for a session and click Schedule. 

Now you can send a session booking to your client with a personalized note (optional). If you have chosen a “prepay” option, sending a session invite will also send them an invoice, which they can a client can pay online before the session.